Get the Teens Raving About You & Your Programs - Laser Tag Rental for Your Youth Group

A Way to Engage Teens & the Youth, Without the High Costs

Are you looking for a way to keep teens entertained? A way to engage teens? I know it can be challenging to constantly add new attractions to your PCYC. So here’s a package that won’t blow the budget.

As a working Mum of two children my kids have participated in many PCYC programs & recreational camps. I know how quickly the youth nowadays can get bored & they are constantly looking for the next ‘cool’ thing.  

That’s why my husband & I developed this game, Laser Tag in-a-Box, for kids & teens. Laser Tag is a game where gamers play ‘high tech’ hide & seek. Here’s how to add real excitement to your next program. And the gamers don’t even have to leave your centre! It is Laser Tag! Here’s why it is so popular…

  • Laser Tag is a ‘live’ video game that gets the youth out & having fun
  • You can theme the entire day e.g. sci-fi themes, etc
  • You don’t just get to have fun for few hours; the teens get to play for an entire day!

A Wonderful Day
Thank you very much for the wonderful day. The children really enjoyed their time! Thank you.
- Sam OHSC Inala PCYC

What we can do for YOU – Rent or Buy

Laser Tag is new & it is heaps of fun for all ages.  We’ve made sure that you get great value. Included in ALL packages include red & blue bandanas, a master controller, & medic boxes, & a “How To” DVD for you.

OPTION 1 – GOOD: Rent an “Awesome Party-in-a-Box” + inflatables. You get 10 Black Cobra phasers with Red-Dot Scopes plus 3 sets of Inflatable Bunkers (that’s a total of 12 inflatables) You don’t just get the gear for a couple of hours; it is yours for an entire day! And with a round-robin format, more people can play & everyone gets a turn.

OPTION 2 - BETTER: Buy a set of your own Cobra Phasers. Many youthg groups have ordered a package which consists of 10 Cobras with Red Dot each with a headband, a Master Controller, 3 battle boxes, 12 inflatable shapes, 2 battery chargers and a spares kit. Call us to see what we can do for you. .

The Latest Technology & Ride the Wave of Popularity of Video-Games

It is that simple. No hassles for you. Our Laser Tag phasers use harmless infrared—similar to your TV remote. When the gamers pull the trigger there are great light & sound effects. Every phaser comes with integrated sensors so you can play either indoors or outdoors. Look if you would like some more info about how to get the teenagers & young adults raving about you and your youth organisation then just give us a call. We are here to help. 

Really Enjoyed It
Hi there, Yes we will definitely consider Laser Tag again for next hols. All our kids really enjoyed it and staff too. Cheers.
- Celine MOOSH Director