Why You Love Us 

why you love usWhat Parents & Carers can Expect from Laser Tag in a Box

Whether it is a birthday party, or school or sports event, or a vacation program, we strive to ensure your rental will be awesome for YOU!

  • Great for Kids. Laser Tag is like a live video so it will engage the kids in active play. 
  • Wholesome Family Fun. Today, more than ever, kids need a safe and engaging envrionment in which to laugh and play. We are proud to rent you equipment to help create happy memories. 
  • Safe & Reliable Equipment. Our gear only uses harmless infrared (no lasers!) so the equipment is eye-safe. The equipment is robust. It is a made in Australia. 

Great Ideas For Parties

We have lots of ideas to make your celebration simple.

Get the kids raving about what you did for their birthday party!

You can rent either:

  • laser tag equipment for party rentals
  • gaming inflatables hire
  • or both!

Call to book, phone 1800266587.  

Here's Why a Laser Tag party is so Popular:

  • Our laser tag equipment is safe. The laser tag equipment works with infrared, just like your TV remote, so it's harmless and eye safe. Our gaming inflatables are soft-play.
  • It is like a "live" computer game that gets the kids out and about. It's fun kids party games! Integrated sensors mean you can play either indoors or outdoors.
  • No commute! We deliver the fun to you. No need to battle through traffic or fight over a car park. We'll deliver you laser tag fun to your door.
  • We include long lasting batteries. So the fun lasts as long as you want.
  • Book your party hire for Saturday and get Sunday free!
  • You can theme your party hire - choose a "sci-fi" party or an "army party" theme or simply go for "Laser Tag" or create your own. 
  • Choose how many people you'd to play at once. It is suitable for kids, teenagers and the young at heart.

Laser Tag is "high tech" hide & seek.

Getting Started - Quick

Here is the Quick Start Guide to get you started. Download it here

Our laser tag equipment is actually intuitive to use. You literally use the key to turn the units on, wait a couple of seconds, and you are ready to play! 

We want your party to be fun. 


Packing Up

It is very important to ensure that you pack everything you received back into the boxes we shipped you the equipment in. It is a good idea to check off each item off as you pack it back in your box or boxes against the packing sheet you got originally.


How to set up your own Battlefield

Get your battlefield ready.laser tag fun

Kids will play our high tech "hide and seek" around just about anything you can hide behind.

Other Mums and Dads have transformed their backyards from mild-mannered suburbs to the deep jungles of the Amazon or the deserts of the French Foreign Legion. Kids, after all, have a fantastic imagination.

Event a few cardboard boxes left over from the last time you moved can be transformed with a bit of paint. This keeps in with the army theme.

Basically our game is high tech hide and seek. So if your kids create your own battlefield can find something, ANYTHING!, to hide behind, they will. :-)
Create the Playing Field - Let your Imagination go wild.

laser tag fun in the backyard

Ideas to Create your own "Maze"

Hire some camo nets to drape over the playground equipment. Or hire some fun inflatables to hide behind.

Run a lead up activity creating props which link in with your theme. The options are endless! All events require bookings, call us today to see what we can do for you, PH 1800 Book Us.

 laser tag camo net


kids birthday partyNo fuss. Laser Tag is just fun for the kids and fun for you.

We have lots of kids birthday party ideas, like games to play and tips on birthday party ideas vacation care programs, even ideas for your sports team celebration.