Why THEY Love Us

why they love usWhat Gamers can Expect from Laser Tag in a Box

Laser tag is a fun and active game.

Players both young and young-at-heart love it. 

Whether it is new games, birthdays, acitivity sheets, check out what makes a rental from Laser Tag in a Box so awesome for THEM.

* Games & Entertainment. We can recommend games that are suitable each child's age, or let their imagination run wild and create their own scenarios. 

* A Kids Can Get Active. Kids love to play tag! And Laser Tag is high tech "hide & seek". And Laser Tag is great for family fun. Even teens love the live gaming. 

* Game Time Lasts As Long As You Want. With long lasting batteries the kids can play and play. Start the party and event the event when you want. Better still when you rent for Saturday you get Sunday free. So that's two parties for the price of one!!