Rent Laser Taggers for Kids Aged 9 & Up

awesome party in a box

These laser tag units the "Cobra with a Scope" are best for kids 9 & up. This package is called the Awesome Party in a Box.

The Awesome Party in a Box package cranks up the action. This birthday party is sure to get a "YEAHHH!" moment from your child.

You can play with these phasers either indoors or outdoors. The cobra with the red dot scope is 100% portable, built tough and is weather-resistant.

The game play will last and last.

You can rent a small pack of 6 or go for a 10 pack, from then on if you'd like more then you can rent additional phases in increments of 5.

Awesome 6Awesome 10

Camo & Inflatables

Camo, camo, camo. We are your one stop shop for Army Parties. We have camo outfits including hats, camo decor including cups & plates, and party favours like themed loot bags. Check out our online shop or swing by our Brisbane ship. 

Laser Tag is high-tech hide-and-seek. We recommend hiring inflatables if you're planning to play in a school hall or grassy area. They are easy to set up and will make the party experience that much better.

About the Cobra + Scope Phaser

Description: Light Weight Polycarbonate Phaser.
Range: up to 80m outside
Weight: 2.2kg
Display: Rear of the Phaser, just like a HUD
SFX: Patented Real-Time Hit-Feedback. Standard SFX "Laser Tag". But we can Configure them to a Battlefield LIVE SFX, just ask us when you book.
LFX: Cool Predator Muzzle Flash. Three coloured hyper-brights form a triangle shape & the infrared emitted is located in the centre of the triangle.
Battery: Heavy Duty Battery which lasts approx 16 hours of Game Time. (But we do include a battery charger in your box, just in case.) 
Aiming: This model has an integrated Red Dot Scope.