Laser Tag by Group Size 

laser tag party

Big Groups or Small Groups - We've Got You Covered 

Here at Laser Tag in a Box we can pretty much cater for any size rental.

The most popular size rental is a 10-pack. 

Got a Big group? 

Once you rent the 10 pack you can rent more, in increments of 5 - so 10, 15, 20 etc.

Got a Small Group? 

Or for those one a tight budget or a small group, then you can rent a set of 6 phasers.

Sir! Yes, Sir!
The boys had a ball, great idea for a party; we are seriously cool amongst his pals at school now for having such a good party so thanks for that! [It was] great not to have to go to one of those awful laser gun places here in Sydney they are all so dark and many dirty too. We used a guy to actually "run" the party for us as well, he dressed up as their commander and made them shout YES SIR back to him etc, this worked really well. If you want his details for other clients you have in Sydney he is Andrew Clark - it was just terrific - he took total control of all the boys and they loved him! Thanks guys for everything we had a ball with the guns on Sunday too as a family!
- Nicky, Bayview, Sydney NSW

The kids went mad on it!
Thanks for everything Tracey, re the laser tag. It was brilliant!! The kids went mad on it. So much fun.
[It's] a great concept for a party. I think you'll gather some business from the people who were here - they couldn't believe it!
- Tonia, NSW