Information for Gamers

Here is information to help you play the laser tag games.

  • The Phasers Explained, click here 
  • How to Tag someone
  • Getting Tagged

How To Win At Laser Tag Games

There are two parts to playing, and winning, at laser tag games.

  • First tagging or shooting the other guy, and
  • Second avoiding getting tagged yourself.
  • Here's how it is done.

Getting Tagged

Here's what happens when you are tagged.

How To Tag Another Player 

Here's how to tag an opponent. This is the other side of the coin in terms of game-play. 

Each phaser has 3 integrated sensors, 2 at the end of the twirly cable (these go on your head) and 1 on the barrel. Aim for these sensors and pull the trigger.

Here is a video which explains it. 



The Phasers Explained

The laser tag phasers are made of fibre reinforced polycarbonate (plastic) or light weight metal (aluminium). They have an integrated peep sight or an authentic red-dot scope. 

Each unit has a computer system inside it. The units work peer-to-peer. So you can turn the units on with a key and start playing immediately! 



How to Aim In A Laser Game

You aim using a red dot scope or a peep sight.

The little red dot is an optical illusion, and is harmless. 

Point the dot so it is pointing towards your opponent's sensors and pull the trigger. 

What a day, that was SPECTACULAR! The kids (and adults) had a ball. It was so convenient to have at home, the kids could jump in the pool between games and the rest of us could sit in the air con.
- Danielle

What is a "re-activation"?

When a "de-deactivated" player goes back to where they started from & gets re-activated (either with a Master Controller or with a medic box) and then re-joins the game.

Depending on how the game is set up, you can have no reactivations, unlimited reactivations, or reactivations for a limited amount of time. 

Thrilled How Easy It Was
Taylah turned 14 & I wasn't sure how girls this age would go playing laser tag... They absolutely love the concept & game. They couldn't believe how real the gaming guns were & loved the voice overs & noises they made. It was service of a high standard. I appreciated the notes enclosed & DVD to outline & demonstrate how to use the gaming guns & machinery. The service was exceptional very professional, prompt reply & was very adaptable to my enquiry. I really enjoyed speaking to a person & not a machine. Communication was very important with having only a week to organise the party I was nervous ordering from interstate. I was thrilled how easy it was to receive & pack goods back to Qld. There is nothing else you could improve I think you have everything covered well. Thank You :)
- Kylie, Melbourne VIC