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kids birthday partyFun Game Ideas for your Event

No matter if you are organising a birthday party, a vacation care excursion, or even a corporate event, here are some simple game ideas to ensure your event is a success.

At the start divide the players into two teams. If you have children of various ages.

Party Invites

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Run Sheet Suggestion

    • 5 min (max!) briefing on how to use the phasers.
    • 2 x Elimination (aka Death Match) - first game about 5 minutes, then change ends and repeat.
    • Drinks Break
    • 2 x Defend the Base - approx 10min each, one team defends a fortification (e.g. cubby house) while the other attacks. Then swap roles.
    • Drinks Break
    • 1 x Capture & hold - approx 10min, each team starts at opposite ends of the playing area, both attack a central fortification.
    • 1 x Relic Raider - treasure hunt! (approx 7mins)
    • Open presents, have refreshments, and cake.
    • 1 x Elimination game - finale - Dads versus the Kids!

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A Great Success
Dear Sir, We recently organised a birthday party for our son at our home in Pullenvale which was a great success. All the boys and girls had a great time. Yours faithfully
- Comac

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