Got a Small Group?

If you have a small group then you can rent a "mini" pack. This is where 6 players can play at once.

We have four different types of mini packs. Each are good for different age groups. 

Blaster Pack

Perfect for little kids. This package has our lightest phaser. The battery life of this phaser is only 8 hours, not 16 like the other models. 


Party Pack

Perfect for kids around 7 or 8. The phaser is still light but its batteries last a lot longer. 


Awesome Pack

This phaser has an awesome red dot scope attached - perfect for kids 9 and up. We recommend this for groups with a wide age range because its the best middle ground between all our models. Plus, you still get 16hours of battery life. 


Scorpion Pack

Great for teens and pre-teens, the "mission" in this pack is slightly different. This mission has a Battle Royale game. Perfect for Fortnite fans.