Got a Small Group?

If you have a small group then you can rent a "mini" pack. This is where 6 players can play at once.

Great For Small Groups

If you only have a small group coming to your party then rent the 6 pack.

This sized rental is also a good choice if you have smaller Vacation Care. For example if your Vacation care program of around 30 students then the mini pack is the one for you. 

Each set comes with 3 cobras with red stickers, and 3 cobras with blue stickers. All have red dot scopes.

  • 6 of your choice of Phaser - 3 on the red team & 3 on the blue team
  • 3 x red headbands
  • 3 x blue headbands
  • 1 x medic box (use one for both teams)
  • 1 x "Party in Progress" banner
  • 1 x battery charger
  • 1 x key
  • 1 x Party Guide booklet, includes how to play the games (downloadable)

rent an awesome party in a box for 6