Most Popular Sized Group - 10 Play at Once

Renting a 10 play pack is the most popular choice. 

Did you know that the most popular size for a party rental is 10?

This is where you have 5 on the red team and 5 on the blue team. And ten gamers can play at once. 

Each set comes with 5 cobras with red stickers, and 5 cobras with blue stickers. All have red dot scopes.medic box

  • 10 of your choice of phaser - 5 on the red team & 5 on the blue team
  • 5 x red headbands
  • 5 x blue headbands
  • 1 x red team (delta team) medic box
  • 1 x blue team (bravo team) medic box
  • 1 x master controller (a cobra without sensors)
  • 1 x "Party in Progress" banner
  • 2 x battery chargers
  • 2 x keys
  • 1 x Party Guide booklet, includes how to play the games (downloadable)
  • 1 x Instructional DVD (please return)

 rent an awesome party box for 10