GAME: Team Elimination

laser tag elimination game

This is a simple, ELIMINATE THE OTHER TEAM mission.  This is a great first game.  Elimination is a fun, energetic, ice breaker to get the party started! This is where you get to blast away to your heart's content. All gamers get 5 Health Points (5HP).

When you've been tagged 5 times your phaser automatically de-activates and you run back to your "base camp" to get a re-activation.

The game is best if you time it. Phasers are usually come pre-set untimed but you can easily, using your Master Controller, to set the game to run 10 minute rounds.  

Teams start at opposite ends of the playing area.

Each team gets unlimited re-activations from their base (where they started from). Press the button on the medic box to get a re-activation, the computer counts the number of re-activation.

The winning team is the one with least re-activation. 

This game is a great warm-up/ice-breaker because every gamer, plays the whole game and it is very forgiving of mistakes.

Run this game first. We suggest running this game twice, with each team having a turn from each end.

How To Play Team Elimination With A Box of 6 PHASERS

In this case the game is manually timed, rather than getting the system to time it. Also all players re-spawn from the one medic box. 

Everybody gets 5HP and then you try and tag the other team more than they get you. 

Then at the end of the 10 minutes, the organiser looks at each of the player's displays and adds up the "D" number for the red team and the "D" number for the blue team. The team with the highest "D" (for de-activations) wins that round. 

How To Play Team Elimination With A Box of 10 or More PHASERS

In this case the game is timed by the software.  

The packs come pre-set with untimed games. If you want set a timed game. Turn the Controller on & press the red/black button until you see “Game Time Menu?” Next : 15:00. Press the trigger & you will see “Timed Game?” Timed. Press the trigger again you’ll see “Set Time Limit 15 Minutes”. Press the trigger to choose that time. You can also choose other game times. Press red/black buttons to scroll through the menu options. You’ll want “START (Radio)”. Press the trigger.  

Press the black button to confirm. Then press the trigger to kick off that timed game. Then game will run for that amount of time (time starts when you’ll pulled the trigger to confirm –) & you see the time start to count down on the bottom of the screen.

The gamers need to tag the players on the other team more than they get tagged. When each team has been 5 times return to the "base camp" (where you've placed medic box). Then run back in to the game for a bit of pay-back. 

Once the time is up all the phasers will enter “game over”. 

The organiser then looks at the display of each of the medic boxes and see which team has the least number of re-activations. 

Elimination Game Briefing

Here's a video briefing to show your gamers when they are ready to play the Elimination Game.

Elimination Game
Attention Heroes! Rebels have been spotted moving into the area. HQ says you must advance & eliminate them. Lots of re-enforcements are available from your base. The team that uses the least number of reactivations wins.