Defend the Base

Defend The BaseDefend the base is where one team attacks and the other team defends. 

A flag is normally used to the mark out the objective.

But you can use any landmark - like a big tree or even the clothes line! 

Once the flag has been placed, neither team should move it.

The defenders start typically around the flag about 10ft (3m).

The attackers start out of sight of the defenders if space permits.

The referee should end up at the flag at the end of the game to count the “live” gamers within arm’s reach of it to determine the winning team.

The game runs for 10 minutes.

The attackers receive unlimited reactivations. 

The defenders receive reactivations for only 9 minutes. Now normally the equipment arrives untimed, but you can set a game time using the Master Controller. 

The person running the games has to remember to turn off the defenders medic box with the key when there is 1 minute left in the game.

Make sure the players know that they can’t move the flag.

The Defenders' Briefing

The Attackers' Briefing