Capture the Flag

capture the flag gameCapture the Flag is a fun game played with two teams.  

The flag marks each team's base.


Enemy players can be "tagged" by players in their home territory; these players are then, depending on the agreed rules, out of the game.

There are no re-activations in this game (turn off your Medic Boxes). 

Both teams try to capture each other’s flag and then take it back to their own base. 
This game is played with two flags. One for the red team and one for the blue team.
Each team places their flag hung at head height so it is visible from around 20 metres away from at least one direction.

Also the players on the blue team can only move the red team’s flag, not their own.
Having two flags and enforcing this rule greatly reduces the risk of injury.

Each team starts behind a chosen start line or “border” with phasers ready to go. We recommend that phasers start pointing at the ground.
Players can hide around their flag, or along the “border” and try to intercept and catch the other team players who try and sneak over towards their flag.

Red team players can hide around their flag, or along their “border” and try to intercept and catch the Blue team players who try and sneak over towards the red’s flag.
The way to win is to get the opponent’s flag back to your base.  Remember, players cannot carry the flag if they are deactivated!
If a gamer is deactivated then they must immediately drop the flag.  
It is worth having a referee (usually Dad or carer or other responsible adult) to make sure the flag is returned to where the player became first deactivated.
To win, a team has to get the opponent’s flag to their base line before the other team or completely eliminate the other team before they can retrieve your flag.

Which Pack to Rent?

Please note this game will work if you hire a mini-pack (6 phasers) and the 10+ pack too. But you will need to ask to add in the rental of two flags. 

Capture the Flag is a perennial favourite. So when you book ask us to include an optional extra of a couple of flags in your hire.