Capture and Hold Game

capture and hold

With Capture and Hold, both teams are trying to capture the central objective, somewhere in the middle where you have placed the Game Box.

The central objective can be a hill or bridge in a park or big tree or the clothes-line in your backyard. 

It works even better if you rent a Game Box and this will identify the central objective. 

Teams should start out of sight of each other.

Teams, ideally would be at least 20ft (10m) — or if space permits, more—apart. 

Both teams are to be roughly equal-distance from the objective.

The 2 teams go head-to-head, each trying to "dominate" or control the Game Box. 

Each team has a medic box in their home base. These shouldn't be moved.

game box

This game is timed.

Phasers usually are set up for untimed games but you can easily change them to run or 15 or 10 minute (or whatever time you like!) 

Teams start at opposite ends of the playing area.

Be sure to tell the players that the Game Box is not be moved. 

The computer inside the Game Box times how long each team has it in control. When the red team tags the box it will flash red. When the blue team tags the box it flashes blue.

At the end of the 10 minutes, say Blue had it in control for 7 minutes, the box itself will flash blue and it has a cool sound effect with says "Blue Team Is Victorious!". So every minute counts! At the end of the game everyone know that which Team has Won.

This game is sometimes referred to has "King of the Hill" or "Electronic Capture the Flag". The Game Box acts as a Flag or Objective.

What to Say:

"Alright recruits, we have received orders to secure an important objective. Our spies have reported that there is another team attempting the same thing. When the Red Team tags the Objective (the Game Box) the box will flash RED. When the Blue Team tags the box it will flash BLUE. The box times how long each team is in control."