Birthday Party Ideas for You

Laser Tag in a Box specialises in Birthday Parties for kids and teens at your place.

Dividing Up Your Teams At Your Laser Tag Party

wristbands for teamsHere's a nifty idea for your laser tag party. You might choose to get our most popular pack of 10 phasers but have more than 10 kids coming to the party. No worries! Why not get some colourful wristbands from Officeworks to colour-code the teams. For example you have 20 kids invited. When the first child arrives they get a purple wristband. Then the next one arrives they get the yellow band. Then the next gets a green, and the next one gets white. So you have 4 team colours:

  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Green
  • White.

So everyone gets a go you can play in a round-robin format. Spread out the teams so everyone plays:

  • Yellow plays Green
  • Purple plays White
  • Yellow plays White
  • Purple plays Green
  • Yellow plays Purple
  • Green plays White.

So everyone has fun! 

Service with a Smile
Service with a smile, or it at least sounded like the girls were smiling on the other end [of the phone]. Allowing an extra day to ensure the delivery made it - gave me peace of mind, given our rural location. Ooh and the spare gun - good thinking, nice to have a back up. Loved the service and thanks for ringing me so promptly to allow delivery of the laser tag equipment in time for the birthday. Thanks for ringing us to check if the gear had arrived and offering to assist the following day working it all out. If my staff provided this level of customer service I would be thrilled. Thank you. The gear and the service were great, for a special event, well worth it. Loved it.

- Trish Swan Hill Victoria

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