Planning a Party? How About A Home Laser Tag Birthday Party!

Looking for Birthday party ideas? 

You've found them! Laser Tag In A Box is perfect for Birthday parties for all ages 5 years old and up.  

Don't worry about the hassle of getting everyone to a laser tag arena, a bowling alley or a trampoline park. 

Don't worry about the commute, forget the fight over a car park.

And don't worry about dealing with people you don’t know. 

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Instead enjoy all the fun of laser tag at your place. 

The players enjoy the game at their own pace. 

There is absolutely no rush as the batteries last and last.

Everything you need comes in the Box and will entertain the kids for hours!  

Our most popular party package is the "Awesome Party in a Box".

Our turnkey equipment can be used indoors and outdoors. 

The laser tag equipment is mobile so the venue possibilities are endless. 

Our rent Saturday get Sunday free offer means Laser Tag in a Box is great value.

In fact many people invite their friends over on Saturday and have their relatives over on Sunday. It is 2 parties for the price of 1.

This is great value for money and allows plenty of fun! 

Remember our laser tag equipment works in the dark which is awesome for night games and sleepovers!Consider a fun home laser tag birthday party for your big, or your child's big day! 

A home laser tag party is perfect for a birthday party in your backyard. 

Or if you don't want to host the party in your backyard, then consider a local park.