7 year old Boys Birthday Party Ideas

Janet, a stay at home Mum to Jack and Sam, reviews Laser Tag in a Box for her son's 7th birthday party.

boys birthday party ideas

THE BEST PARTY EVER!!  According to my now 7 year old son!

Getting Organised

To start off with, organising a date & pick up time was easy - the Laser Tag company was professionally run & easy to deal with. 

They accommodated our extra requests & the cost to do so was very reasonable.

Party Time - Boys Birthday Party Ideas

So - time to party. 

We had 10 kids in our backyard - including the party boy - camo nets, bunkers, cones, phasers, face-paint & heaps of fun & excitement.  Lots of terrific boys birthday party ideas.

Within no time at all they had figured out how to shoot, get points for their team, reload & go again. We used the games booklet Laser Tag provided as part of the package to give us ideas of what & how to play the games and made sure the teams had breaks (complete with ration packs) and then swapped teams to start again. 

At the end of the structured games it turned into a free-for-all and that was just as fun. 

At one stage we had trouble re-setting the lasers and called the phone support - Saturday afternoon at about 4pm and we were answered immediately, sorted out & encouraged to call back if we needed. 

Unbelievable service! 

Once we got the kids to leave - and believe me I think they would have kept going if their parents had allowed - a few of us parents tried it out once the kids were bathed, fed and sat in front of a movie. 

Now that was awesome too!  Night time was brilliant and we went until we couldn't run, duck, hide & laugh any more.

As far as the equipment went, the phasers were easy to use, the bunkers/cones were easy to inflate and deflate, and with the tie-downs for the cones, helped to keep them in place.  We ordered camo nets which we used to turn gazebos into bases at each end of the yard with the bunkers & cones placed in between.

As well as the birthday boy being impressed, his mates thought it was awesome

Next Time? 

I can't stress enough how much we enjoyed the party but as an indication my hubby has decided he now wants a Laser Tag party for his 40th - and I'm not complaining! 

Seems adults and children alike love it. 

Would you like to throw a Laser Tag Party for your soon to be 7 year old? 

If you are looking for 7 year old boy birthday party ideas at home or would like an awesome birthday party for your 7 year old boy, call today - PH: 1800 266 587.