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Laser Tag In A Box Named In The Top 25 Most Popular Kids Activty For 2018

The popularity of Laser Tag hire for kids birthday parties continues to go grow.

In the annual awards from ActiveActivities, judges have rated Laser Tag in a Box in the Top 25 Most Popular Kids Activity for 2018.


This latest award continued Laser Tag in a Box's popularity!

  • 2018 - #18 Most Popular Kids Activity in Brisbane
  • 2017 - #9 Most Popular Kids Activity in Brisbane
  • 2016 - #10 Most Popular Kids Activity in Brisbane
  • 2015 - #7 Most Popular Kids Activity in Underwood

These Awards are allocated to the businesses on ActiveActivities that have the highest levels of visits, engagement and positive reviews from our website users, by location for each calendar year.

The rankings are thus determined by the behavior of the visitors on the ActiveActivities website.

ActiveActivities delivers more than 48,000 kids activities and events nationwide. The  ActiveActivities group has more than 900,000+ businesses listed

"If you are like most parents in Australia, you want to the best for your child. Research shows that keeping your child active as part of your weekly routine supports the development of their health, happiness and resilience," said a spokesperson from ActiveActivities.

"To help the visitors to the ActiveActivities website select the best kids activities and experiences for their kids, we have been working on a way to identify the most popular kids activities, by location."

"All businesses that have received an Award will have a badge like the one above showing on their business listing on ActiveActivities. Congratulations to Laser Tag in a Box."