Blog -Everybody had smiles the whole time

Tashana threw a laser tag party in a park for her children, a boy and girl, who are 10 and 8. Here's their story...

We played today and it was amazing, cannot wait to get them again.

It is so worth the money.

laser tag party in a parkThis is a fantastic company and I would highly, highly recommend.

The only downfall is the guns are heavy so your arms get sore after a while.

But amazing none the less.

The gear is very easy to use and lasts for ages.

Everybody had smiles the whole time.

The customer service was fantastic.

The staff are just beautiful and very patient.

I think it is suited from ages 6 and up.

The products are great. You get a lot in the 1 box and worth the money.

I would 100% recommend this to a friend.

In fact I give it a rating on a scale of 5 stars, 5 out of 5.