Blog -Customer Service was Great

Maxina, Mum to three boys, Jay 8 years old, Oli 6 years old and baby Patrick booked in a Laser Tag party. Here's her story.

We were lucky enough to trial laser tag!

The lovely girls from laser tag were great with the scheduling of it due to me having my older boys on a week on/off basis.

The kids invited friends from the street ranging from the ages of 7-12 yr olds.

It was great to have it for the whole weekend... we went to a park and set up there and also in the neighbours backyard!

Even the dads joined in and had a go against the boys.

Picking it up was good as it was all ready for me when we got there and they showed my husband how to use it and stuff, since he is the boss of it!

I still have the boys talking about it and how fun it was.

The customer service was great, was well looked after. 

Some of the kids even asked their parent if they could have laser tag for their birthdays!

Thanks again laser tag, we are saving up to have a end of year party for the kids for school break up!!

I would reccomend it to anyone!