Blog -Celebrate Fathers Day With Family Fun In The Backyard

Say Hello To A Fun Experience This Father's Day

Say bye-bye to the socks and jocks. Say hello to a fun experience.

Father's Day is coming up and let’s face it, each year you are faced with the challenge of selecting a gift for Dad. This year forget your run-of-the-mill gifts. 
fathers day laser tag funSure, it is the "thought that counts" but you want to get Dad a gift he will love. Something he'll never forget.
It is creating fantastic memories and experiences with the family will make this Father's Day special.  

Father's Day Is A Worldwide Phenomenon

Father's Day is a time-honoured tradition celebrating fatherhood and the influence of fathers in families and in the community at large. 
Did you know that Father's Day is celebrated in more than 100 countries around the world? Different nations celebrate Father's Days on different dates. Many countries, including the UK, Canada, and the USA celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday in June. 
Here in Australia we celebrate is on the first Sunday in September. This coincides with the beginning of Spring. And spring is a wonderful time of year to get out the backyard and have some fun with the kids.

A Better Way To Bond

What better way to bond than a Dad versus Kids (or parents vs kids) battle in the backyard? 
A friendly skirmish of laser tag games at your place will be fun filled.
Maybe you will even let Dad win this time…
An experience of father/son or father/daughter bonding through fun and games will create new family memories.
There are a lot of fun games that the family can play, after all this is high-tech hide and seek. Players young and the young-at-heart can enjoy an exciting game of laser tag. You can rent a small set of only 4 or 6 laser tag guns and play together as a family. At two versus two or three versus three it is still the red team versus the blue. 
Who will emerge the victorious team? 
Whomever is the winner, well they get to gloat and skite. Till the next re-match, that is. 

So, ditch the socks and jocks this Father’s Day and create an experience they'll be raving about for weeks or months to come.