Blog -All Ages (Including Teens) Enjoyed It

Jodi from Browns Plains in Brisbane is Mum to a 9 year old boy. She chose Laser Tag in a Box for her parties (she threw 3 in one weekend!). Because if you rent for Saturday you get Sunday for free. This is her story.

We had Laser Tag in a Box for the weekend for three parties of varying ages.

All ages enjoyed it. blue team laser tag

We had a 3 year old to Adults. Boys and Girls.

The High Schoolers - Ages 14-17 boys and girls, had fun all afternoon.

And you know how difficult it is for teenagers to have fun!

The next day we had parties with kids - boys and girls, ranging from ages 4-14 & sorry the adults as well!

They were all able to have fun together and everyone had a great time.

The equipment works really well and even if the younger children couldn't fire as accurately, the sound effects really kept them thoroughly entertained.

I would highly recommend Laser tag in a Box for all ages of boys and girls, probably more suited to those who like to be active and run around but can also be used by those who are more sedentery.

Everyone enjoyed it.

I would even recommend it for adult enjoyment at parties.

Regarding the company's service, they were very fast & organised, everything was waiting for us.

red team laser tagGreat quality, even for one who is in the Airforce Cadets & has done shooting.

We had 10 phasers for up to 10 people.

You could have subbing in & out because if you are continuously running it does get quite exhausting.

We went from picking up the box at 10am to party at 11am.

Thank goodness teenagers know how to play and it is easy to use.

The Laser Tag in a Box web site was easy to use and had lots of information.