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Scorpions - Fun-in-a-Box

brand new scorpions

The Scorpion is a versatile phaser. It is made of metal (rather than poly-carbonate). This model is compact. It is great for either indoors or outdoors. In fact, since it does not have a protruding barrel it is ideal for indoor play.

The gear is 100% portable, tough, and weather-resistant. (But if they are not being used then I recommend keeping out of the rain & switching them off to save the battery.)

The Scorpion has a decibel rating of 78dB at 3½ft (1m) and 51dB at 160ft (50m). Plus, it has a full trigger mechanism.

Colours vary, some are black & grey and the ones pictured are blue & red. We also have one pink one which is perfect for the birthday girl. 

red scorpion blue scorpionHere's what you get in your Fun-in-a-Box:

  • 10 x Scorpion with red dot scope
  • 5 x red headbands
  • 5 x blue headbands
  • 1 x red team (delta team) medic box
  • 1 x blue team (bravo team) medic box
  • 1 x master controller
  • 1 x "Party in Progress" banner
  • 2 x battery chargers
  • 2 x keys
  • 1 x Party Guide booklet, includes how to play the games, downloadable
  • 1 x Instructional DVD (please return). 

medic boxOr Mini-Fun-in-a-Box

  • 6 x Scorpion with red dot scope
  • 3 x red headbands
  • 3 x blue headbands
  • 1 x medic box (both teams use the one)
  • 1 x "Party in Progress" banner
  • 1 x battery charger
  • 1 x key
  • 1 x Party Guide booklet downloadable, includes how to play the games

Games to Play

The Scorpions in your Fun-in-a-Box are pre-set with 5 "hit points" and 50 rounds per "clip". The phaser will automatically reload when you’ve used up all 50. It also comes standard with a Red Dot scope. 

So all you need to do is turn the phaser on and pull the trigger, wait about 5 seconds and you are good to go!

A Wonderful Time

  • Thank you. The kids had a wonderful time.
    - Steph & Eli, YMCA Bendigo

About the Scorpion + Scope Phaser

Description: Cool Metal Phaser.
Range: up to 80m outside
Weight: 2.5kg
Display: Rear of the Phaser, just like a HUD
SFX: Patented Real-Time Hit-Feedback. Standard SFX "Laser Tag". But we can Configure them to a Battlefield LIVE SFX, just ask us when you book.
LFX: Cool Predator Muzzle Flash. Three coloured hyper-brights form a triangle shape & the infrared emitted is located in the centre of the triangle.
Battery: Heavy Duty Battery which lasts approx 16 hours of Game Time. (But we do include a battery charger in your box, just in case.) 
Aiming: This model has an integrated Red Dot Scope.