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Laser Tag Tactics: How to Tag an Opponent

Here are the basics on Laser Tag Tactics i.e. how to tag an opponent, how to aim and an explanation of a "re-activation" (or a re-spawn).

How to Tag an Opponent

Each phaser has 3 integrated sensors, 2 at the end of the twirly cable (these go on your head) and 1 on the barrel.

Aim for these sensors and pull the trigger.

How to Aim

You aim using a red dot scope or a peep sight. The little red dot is an optical illusion, and is harmless. 

What is a "re-activation"?

When a "de-deactivated" player goes back to where they started from & gets re-activated (either with a Master Controller or with a medic box) and then re-joins the game.

Fantastic Fun in the backyard

  • I thought what a fantastic idea for the kids to do over a weekend with their family and friends. I had never heard of Laser Tag-in-a-box until now and only thought laser tag could be played in family fun centres etc. I have 5 children ranging from the ages 14 through to 3 years of age and every one of them were able to use the guns and play the game. my whole family and their family and friends rate it a 5 out of 5. It was so much fun, with the convenience of doing it all in our own back yard.
    - Khristie